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Microsoft releases jQuery Globalization Plugin

Microsoft released a prototype of a new jQuery Globalization Plugin that enables you to add globalization support to your JavaScript applications. This plugin includes globalization information for over 350 cultures ranging from Scottish Gaelic, Frisian, Hungarian, Japanese, to Canadian English.  This plugin will be released to the community as open-source. Basically, the jQuery Globalization plugin enables you to easily parse and format numbers, currencies, and dates for different cultures in JavaScript. For example, you can use the Globalization plugin to display the proper currency symbol for a culture, or format dates so that the day and month appear in the […]

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Tutorial: jQuery Javascript Library – Part 2

On the previous article, I introduced jQuery and showed how to enable it in your web app, along with a little insight on the basics. Now I’ll start showing some of the most useful methods you will find in the library, along with a sample for each. jQuery API is normally split into the following categories: jQuery Core – Core of the library: jQuery function, object assessors, extensibility and interop methods. Selectors – Filtering and selection operators and attributes to use in jQuery function – #(). Attributes – Generic attribute manipulation methods, including class, text, html and value attributes. Traversing […]

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Tutorial: jQuery Javascript Library – Part 1

In this tutorial, I will be explaining what jQuery is, how it can help you in your web projects, and then you will be taken on a trip through the process of enabling jQuery on a web application. Trust me: if you’ve never tried jQuery, you’re in for a treat! Besides the library itself, jQuery also has a UI part, that allows you to easily integrate widgets in your UI. Take a look at this summary of jQuery’s roadmap so far: August 26th, 2006 – First stable version of jQuery: jQuery 1.0 January 14th, 2007 – jQuery Birthday: 1.1, New […]

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Glimmer: A JQuery composition tool

If you are currently developing for the web and animations and sleek design is your game don’t forget to check out  Glimmer, a WPF-based application that harnesses the power of JQuery: “Glimmer is a WPF-based Windows application that allows you to easily create interactive elements on your web pages by harnessing the power of the jQuery library. Without having to hand-craft your JavaScript code, you can use Glimmer’s wizards to generate jQuery scripts for common interactive scenarios. Glimmer also has an advanced mode, providing a design surface for creating jQuery effects based on your existing HTML and CSS.” Check it […]

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jQuery bundled with Visual Studio

Accoording to Scott Guthrie, Microsoft has decided to bundle jQuery with the next releases of Visual Studio. From what I’ve read (and already tested) from jQuery, this will be great and handy. Instead of reinventing the weel and create something similar within AJAX, MS decided to support this API nd take advantage of an already large community extremely dedicated to jQuery. Although I haven’t had any serious experimentation with jQuery, thorough investigation is definitely on my todo list. jQuery allows you to control and manipulate HTML elements with ease, with few lines of code. It has an API that allows […]

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