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Guide to building a Home Theater PC – Part I

Background As a home cinema enthusiast and casual player, I always fed the idea of having a high quality surround system on my living room. That opportunity presented itself when both me and my fiance decided to buy our first apartment about two years ago, so long before that I started envisioning and planning on the best possible configuration. When our building reached construction phase, my goal was to setup a 7.1 audio channel system. Issue is, unless you are a lucky enough to have a home-theater-friendly wife, you are in for tough resistance. So there were several things that had to be thought […]

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How to Print Screen on your iPod or iPhone

Quick tip for taking screenshots in iOS: on the screen you wish to take a print screen, just hold down the Home button and then press the power button. You will hear a snapshot sound. If you now go to your photos, you will see the screenshot you just took. You can manipulate it like any other image. Enjoy!

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How to configure Authenticated Proxy on Android SDK installation

Quick and easy steps to overcome proxy authentication issue on Android SDK and AVD Manager installation. 1. Download NTLM Authorization Proxy Server for Windows 2. Unzip and edit the setting in server: PARENT_PROXY: <proxy ip address or server name> PARENT_PROXY_PORT: <proxy port> NT_DOMAIN: <domain name> USER: <proxy username> PASSWORD: <proxy password> 3. Execute the NTLM Authorization Proxy Server. Enable it on windows firewall if asked. In case you have other firewall solutions installed, you need to disable it temporarily or allow access to the port 5865. 4. (optional ) Test the settings in your browser. Change the proxy settings […]

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Blog productivity with WordPress for Android

Just installed WordPress blogging engine Android app into my Dell Streak tablet and this is actually the first run. After a quick 2 min sweep, on a first glance, it seems the very basics are there like post listing, comments and stats. One thing I quickly noticed was that on the Posts tab, I had no way of immediately distingwish between published and draft content. That is something I value due to the amount of drafts I can have at a given time, like the present. In terms of editing, it lets you do html with no preview, add photos […]

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